BI Assessment and Roadmap


Organizations need timely, accurate and reliable data to take well informed decisions. Effective use of business intelligence and its influence on decision making and business results is difficult to measure this. Purisolve’s Maturity Assessment Model helps organizations understand where they stand at present in effectively using Business Intelligence and how they can improve by throwing light on the following:

  • Where does most of the reporting and business analysis happen in the organization?
  • What are the drivers for Business Intelligence in the organization?
  • Who are the users of the reports and analysis?
  • What are the present strategies for Business Intelligence?
  • What are the business benefits derived from Business Intelligence?

Our Approach

Purisolve, Inc. will conduct an assessment of the current processes, systems, and inventory management within the company. This assessment will include a methodical step-by-step approach for determining the organization’s data maturity that will include recommendations for improvement. In addition, Purisolve will develop a roadmap that can be used for advancement of information management and analysis that could be required, and the benefits that may be achieved. The consultants at Purisolve, Inc. are experts in the area of providing a technology focus to business challenges. Our technical skills combined with our business acumen make us a unique fit for enabling project success that is measurable and continuous. By employing BI/Analysis Maturity Assessment, many businesses like yours have improved the decision making process and business results.


Our assessment report will provide the following:

  • Current maturity level of organization
  • Quick wins for improving analytical maturity
  • Roadmap for including new data sources and processes to augment data availability and thereby facilitate improved decision making
  • A guiding path for improvement to continuously leverage data to improve efficiency and reduce costs

This will help you define layers and components that need to be integrated and aligned to bring in a strategic perspective to your Business Intelligence initiatives.