Wallace Jones – President


Wallace Jones, President of Purisolve, Inc, has been providing technical solutions to business problems for over 15 years. He launched Purisolve, Inc. in 2007 with the vision of providing intelligent business solutions with a strong emphasis on integrity and exceeding expectations through exceptional service.

Prior to this, Wallace was a management consultant for a large firm and specialized in business intelligence solutions within federal government agencies and commercial organizations. He has extensive experience leading diverse teams to achieve results.

In his career, Wallace has led the design and development of data analytical tools for various companies that have seen tangible outcomes. Early in his career, Wallace developed a cell phone “dropped-call” application for a large telecommunications company that collected data which was used to decrease the cellphone dropped call rate by 25%. He has also developed an inventory management system for data equipment for a large internet backbone company to track asset additions and modifications. With Purisolve, Wallace continues to lead projects that bring technical solutions to business problems while bringing to the forefront a refreshing experience of integrity and professionalism.

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