Franchise Compliance and Cash Flow Measurement

For this project, Purisolve engaged with an accounting firm with a niche for franchise management of fast food restaurants. We supported the design and enhancements of a database that tracked store sales, franchise fees paid, and advertising vendor invoices for a number of fast food franchise advertising cooperatives. Through efficient management and tracking of store data and the ease with which we provide our data management solution, our client was able to expand their market for managing franchise fees.

Tasks Performed:

  • We worked with client staff to understand areas of inefficiencies and then gathered requirements that enabled the system to improve efficiency and reduce resource burdens from mundane tasks
  • As client reporting requirements changed, we redesigned the system architecture and interface to enable these demands to be met both efficiently and effectively
  • We evaluated the data querying techniques used for processing and reporting, and refined these queries to improve performance and ensure accurate results


  • Through our database enhancements and client service, the franchise system was expanded to include three other companies who became customers of our client
  • We supported a major redesign of the system to account for disparate store reporting requirements and supported a second major enhancement to allow for additional customization

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