Purisolve supports Community Consulting Team (CCT) Atlanta

January 31, 2012 – Purisolve is again supporting the Community Consulting Team in Atlanta by allowing and encouraging our employed consultants to provide pro bono services to the organization.  CCT provides management consulting support to non-profit and public sector organizations within Metro Atlanta and is comprised of business professionals who provide expertise to solve top management and strategy challenges on a volunteer basis.

Recently, one of our consultants was engaged on a 6-month project to provide consulting support to a DeKalb county non-profit organization that provides affordable childcare for low income families in order to avoid homelessness.  The project will involve determining a strategy for retaining volunteers and determining areas for maximizing volunteer usage.  The project will conclude in June, and our hope is that the organization will be better informed and be better positioned to provide the needed service with confidence that a volunteer staff will be available to fulfill the mission needs.

Purisolve is continually seeking ways to give back to the community through financial support and consultative support.  Purisolve encourages all of our employees to continually seek ways to support the community through dedicating time and resources outside of work to be better citizens of the world in which we live.

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